(1/10) I'm not really sure if the world waited for this release. T.O.M.B. serves an album that sound weird. It's a distracting piece of 'music' and that's maybe already the biggest benefit of it - in case you're looking for distraction.

These thirteen tracks can be seen as ambient black metal numbers with e strong industrial touch. But in the end it's a very strange sounding combination of all of the before mentioned. "Fury Nocturnus" will neither work for industrial metal fans, nor it will become a favorite of down to earth black metal passionists.

T.O.M.B. put sound collages on the album that are build on samples and cold waves of sounds. The band combines them with moaning vocals that are meant to be dark, mean and evil. But in the end it's just annoying.

It was a tough exercise to give this album a full round of listening. In my humble opinion there are many other ways to spend your well earned money on than on this release. A definite thumbs down for an album that's not needed at all.





  1. Into Wotan Flames
  2. Awake...
  3. Darkness
  4. Death Tunnel Scars
  5. Glorious Triumphant
  6. Belial
  7. Ignite The Torch Again
  8. Portal 502
  9. Hoards Rise Now
  10. Oblivion Dawn
  11. Mystic Blood Scrying
  12. Fury Nocturnus
  13. Battle Winds Of Desecration
  14. Abysmal Channeling


Label: Peaceville

Genre: Industrial Ambient Black Metal

Release Date EU: October 21st, 2016

CD review T.O.M.B. "Fury Nocturnus"
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