(7/10) Time is flying, that was my thought when I received the upcoming Crystal Viper album. It was in 2013 when the quartet released their latest longplayer “Possession”.  Four years later the quartet will unveil their next longplayer named “Queen of the Witches”. I guess that the title doesn’t really win an innovation award. ‘Witch’ and 'Queen' are more than once used terms in heavy metal. However, in the end it describes Crystal Viper’s sound very well.

The guys from Poland are offering a next metal album that builds again on a more traditional style expression. The NWoBHM-impact is an obviously source of inspiration for the four-piece band. This becomes most crystal clear with “Burn My Fire Burn”, a song that comes with many Iron Maiden parallels. Just listening to the guitars and the chorus leaves no doubt about who Crystal Viper’s idols are. The same goes for “I Fear No Evil”.

“Queen of the Witches” doesn’t bring a lot of new stuff to the table. This kind of music is well known and established since many years. There is a but though. Crystal Viper does a good job on the new longplayer. Regardless if it’s the slower paced “When the Sun Goes Down”, a real anthem on the album, or the uptempo opener “The Witch is Back” – Crystal Viper put a lot of passion and lifeblood into what they’re doing.

“Queen of the Witches” is an album that will be appreciated by headbangers and true metal fans. It’s a solid record that is nice to call your own. Not more and not less





  1. The Witch is Back
  2. I Fear No Evil
  3. When the Sun Goes Down
  4. Trapped Behind
  5. Do or Die
  6. Burn My Fire Burn
  7. Flames and Blood
  8. We Will Make It Last Forever
  9. Rise of the Witch Queen
  10. See You in Hell


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

Release Date EU: February 17th, 2017

CD review CRYSTAL VIPER "Queen of the Witches"
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