(10/10) Unfortunately I never made to Iceland. This place seems to be one of the most exciting ones with an impressive landscape of glaciers, volcanoes and hot springs. Almost like planet earth unveiling it’s full inside beauty, the island is a mystic place. Why do I mention all this? Solstafir calls Iceland their homebase and what the guys release on their sixth album “Berdreyminn” could be the soundtrack for a documentary of this beautiful Northern island.

Eight songs offer a very impressive journey through atmospheric rock music. The four guys create a lot of excitement by playing around with almost fragile moments that within a second turn into harsh hymns with heavy guitars and intense vocals. In case you never heard something from the quartet you only need to listen to the opener “Silfur – Refur”. This track includes all you can expect from the band. The gloomy beginning of this tune almost reminds a bit of a western movie before the song builds up slowly to a mighty piece of music that rolls on and on. Ibjörn Tryggvason’s vocals make things even more intense since he strengthens the emotional depth of the track very much. But be careful; listening to this tune means becoming hooked on Solstafir’s sound. This music casts a spell over you and you can't let loose anymore.

No worries, there are seven more songs, to satisfy your demands, all between seven and eight minutes, revealing the beauty of rock music. Solstafir doesn’t write songs. These guys create touching acoustic moments that reach your heart and soul. Closing the while listening to anthems like “Dyrafjordur” are “Naros” immediately start the mental cinema –it feels like a flight across Iceland, an experience that’s filled with impressive moments and views. “Berdreyminn” is bringing this moving moment right into your living room.

The eight songs are for sure no musical fast food. These tunes, even though showing their beauty from the first time listening to them, need time and focus. There are so many details weaved in that the joy of listening to “Berdreyminn” remains an endless pleasure.

Solstafir’s previous longplayer “Otta” was already a great album that gets overtrumped by their new one. Regardless what genre of rock or metal belongs to your favorites – if you like great music you have to listen to this mind-blowing release. It’s hard to see an album in 2017 that was or will be better than this one. It’s a masterpiece.





  1. Silfur – Refur
  2. Isafold
  3. Hula
  4. Naros
  5. Hvit Saeng
  6. Dyrafjordur
  7. Ambatt
  8. Blafjall


Label: Season Of Mist

Genre: Atmospheric Metal

Release Date EU: May 26th, 2017

CD review SOLSTAFIR “Berdreyminn”
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