Interview with Alex Scholpp from DER ELEFANT

Der Elefant is a new metal outfit hailing from Stuttgart, Germany. It is Tieflader and Farmer Boy guitarist Alex Scholpp who started this project. The first 3-track EP was released a few days ago and it's interesting enough to get some more information around Der Elefant. Here they are:


Markus’ Heavy Music Blog: It’s great to have you for a short interview. You started a new project called Der Elefant. Can you tell us a bit about the background of the band? How did things start?

Alex Scholpp: I had some ideas for instrumentals and I had the intention of recording them. So, I teamed-up with Kevin and Timm. The three of us started a session that was based on some rough demos and also a general arrangement that was already done. We started jamming and arranging the songs up to the moment when things felt good. This is where the energy comes from and luckily enough things worked very well from the beginning. Last but not least we recorded the three tracks that made it on the EP. All in all it was a very spontaneous thing.


MHMB: How long have you known Kevin and Timm?

Alex: I know Kevin already since more than six years and we’re playing together quite often. It’s ten years that I know Timm, even though we didn’t play together that much over all these years.


MHMB: You decided to go for a German band name. Is there any special reason for this?

Alex: No, we just took five tickets in the ‘band naming lottery’ and that’s what came out of it J. But seriously, we kept it in German since there are quite some bands with ‘elephant’ in the name. And last but not least, it’s not any kind of elephant, it’s DER Elefant (in English: THE elephant). Der Elefant is also more than just a one-time thing. There’s one more video clip in the pipeline and we’re also working on additional songs. There definitely will be more from Der Elefant in 2017.


MHMB: Last but not least, a short question about Tieflader and Farmer Boys. Is there some news about these two bands? I read about Farmer Boys playing some shows and working on a new album.

Alex: Indeed. Farmer Boys are active again and we have planned shows in spring 2017. A new album is scheduled for later this year. When it comes to Tieflader I can tell you that we will enter the studio in January for recording the next record. The aim is to get it out into the record shops before summer.

Photo: Der Elefant

Photo: Der Elefant

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