(8/10) When I got the CD from L.R.S. I couldn't place it since I haven't heard from them earlier. But after checking more details things became clearer. L.R.S. is the band of Tommy La Verdi (v), Josh Ramos (g) and Michael Shotton (d). All of them have already a musical history in bands like Hardline, The Storm and 21 Guns. So we have experienced musicians - and with Alessandro Del Vecchio also a very experienced producer. By the way, Del Vecchio also contributed with keyboard part, hammond organ and backing vocals. All this should give you already an idea about the music those guys recorded.

Indeed, "Down to the core" contains twelve tracks of finest AOR rock. Not that the band turns the rocking world upside down. What they do is stating an example that rock music with roots in the 80's is still alive. Names like Journey and Bad English popped up in my mind when I lestened to the songs.

The opener "Our love to stay" shows, that the band really rocks. The same goes for AOR pearls like "Never surrender" and "Shadow of a man". Rocking guitars are supported by tight keyboards. Catchy melodies and hooks makes it easy for each listener to get into the songs. Ballads can't be missing on an AOR album. Of course those 'romantic' tunes are also part of "Down to the core". "Universal cry" is one of them and "I will find my way" is another example. Good songs, no doubt, but I appreciate the rocking moments much more. Fortunately there are a lot of them on "Down to the core". Not only the earlier mentioned once, but also the title track shows that AOR doesn't have to be only sugar sweet. The fast "Waiting for love" proves this as well. One small bad thing with this song. I think it would have deserved to rock till the end. The same goes for the closer "Not one way to give". This would have been a clear statement at the end.

Conclusion: L.R.S. produced with "Down to the core" an AOR highlight for this year. The right soundtrack for a car ride with your convertable into the warm spring sunrays.





  1. Our love to stay
  2. Livin 4 a dream
  3. I can take you there
  4. Never surrender
  5. Almost over you
  6. Shadow of a man
  7. Universal cry
  8. To be your man
  9. Down to the core
  10. I will find my way
  11. Waiting for love
  12. Not one way to give


Label: Frontiers Records

Genre: AOR


CD review L.R.S. "Down to the core"
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