(7/10) The Beagle Boys started a band? No, not really. Yhe men behind the masks aren't from Duckburg. They are actually from Linköping, Sweden. John Steen, Ulrik Bostedt and Tony Samuelsson founded Märvel in 2002 during a exchange program.

When it comes to the image of the band a lot of things are slightly different - or unique. The masks became almost a kind of trademark for the band. For me bit childish, but however. The names like The King, The Vicar and The Burgher are also unusual and some story are also a bit crazy. The King describes the title "Hadal Zone Express" as their version of "Highway to hell", which is "a fast paced rollercoaster down into the darkest realms of Hades". Hmmmm, OK. 

Regardless if you like all those gimmicks or not, the music is good. Mainly influenced by the 70's glam rock the songs have a high entertainment factor. Already the short 1:22 long opener with its piano parts makes just fun to listen to. Actually the song tranpsorts so much energy that you just want to move. You could almost believe that the album has also a song which picks up a big topic in Germany at the moment - "Black money". The high pace track is a cool rock'n'roller which for sure will become a highlight of each show. Another track which fits to this pattern is the blazing fast "Danish rush". The riffy tune just shakes your body. There are also slower songs on the album. One example is the grooving "Until the sun comes to wake. The tune has a galloping beat and a gorgeous melody. When it comes to "Dead rock'n'roller" I'm happy that nomen isn't omen. The song is very much alive and could come from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

All in all "Hadal zone express" is a great album for all fans of 70's (glam) rock. T-Rex and the early Kiss are recognisable and find a revival in the songs from Märvel. Spring time music.





  1. Baptism
  2. Dead rock'n'roller
  3. Hadal zone express
  4. Black money
  5. Long overdue
  6. Until the sun comes to wake
  7. Danish rush
  8. Remember
  9. Yesterday (is just another day)
  10. My reward
  11. Forgettable


Label: Killer Cobra Records

Genre: Hardrock


CD review MÄRVEL "Hadal zone express"
Photo: Band Promo

Photo: Band Promo

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