(8/10) German speed/power metal band Sinbreed is back with a new album. It's called "Shadows" and follows the band's debut "When worlds collide" which was released four years ago.

Eventhough the band has so far just two albums they are not totally new in buisness. They started already in the 2000's as Neoshine, before the renamed the band to Sinbreed in 2008. Next to that the band of founder Flo Laurin (guitar/keyboard) brings experienced musicians around the table. Or better said: into the sudio and on stage. The hard punch on drums comes from Blind Guardian member Frederik Ehmke, Marcus Siepen (also Blind Guardian) adds the guitar while the vocals are done by Herbie Langhans, which you might know from Seventh Avenue. I like Langhans' smoky vocals since they are a bit rougher. He reminds me a bit to Biff Byford from Saxon.

"Shadows" got a crystal clear and powerful sound which fits good to the band. Markus Teske (Symphony X, Vanden Plas) has done a good job.

The songs are jawdropping good. Superb riffs meets catchy melodies which are combined with speed and heavines. This becomes already very clear with the opener "Bleed". Two of my other faves are "Black death" and the galloping "Broken wings". But actually all songs are really great and worth to listen to. The album is a 50 minutes full speed entertainment, which I can definitely recommend.

"Shadows' became an superb speed-/power metal record and is a logical continuation of the debut. Well done.





  1. Bleed
  2. Shadows
  3. Call to arms
  4. Reborn
  5. Leaving the road
  6. Far too long
  7. Black death
  8. Standing tall
  9. London moon
  10. Broken wings


Label: AFM Records

Genre: Speed Metal

CD review SINBREED "Shadows"
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