(7/10) This is one of the albums where the cover might mislead you in your expectations, esp. if you haven't heard about the band before. I had this with the new record of The Graviators. They are new for me, eventhough they started the band already in 2009. "Motherload" is their third album.

The cover actually reminds me to a Walt Disney movie, while the guys from Sweden play doom metal, with a hugh Black Sabbath influence. But the songs also have a stoner touch. This is a real discrepence and I don't know who advised them to use this cover. But maybe it's only me looking on this that way. Could be.

Beside the cover I must say that the music convinced me. The first thing which I noticed was the warm and organic sound of the record. It has a lot of the Seventies vibe and fits really good. The two highlights for me are the epical "Lost lord" and "Druid's ritual". The last mentioned one is not really new. It is a re-recording from the 2011 split EP and it's worth to be on the album. Starting with a relaxed guitar sound the first riff takes over pretty soon. What makes the song intersting is, that the band manages to keep the tension in the track. They do this mainly with breaks and solo parts which are almost like jam sessions. "Lost lord" follows a bit of the same pattern, but reminds me in some part even to the Doors. "Drowned in leafs" is another songs which I like. Eventhough the tune is build on a heavy riff the songs has also its accoustical and almost fragile moments. The end of the song reminds me from the musical point of view a bit to Monster Magnet.

In total the nine tracks which gives you 75 minutes of cool doom rock which are worth to give it a try.





  1. Leif's last breath - dance of the Vlakyrie
  2. Narrow minded bastards
  3. Bed of bitches
  4. Tigress of Sibiria
  5. Lost lord
  6. Corpauthority
  7. Drowned in leaves
  8. Eagles rising
  9. Druid's ritual


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Doom- / Stoner Rock


CD review THE GRAVIATORS " Motherload"
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