(8/10) Woland? I haven’t heard about them before and the same might be the case for you. So it is good to have a look into a few fact first. The band started in 2010. They are coming from Helsinki, Finland and according to the band bio they play post black metal.  After having released a double single called “Conquer all and live forever” Woland worked on their full-length debut album. This record is now out in shops and is called “Hyperion”.

After I read the band bio I was curious how POST black metal will sound. Actually it doesn’t sound that much different from other bands we know already. The album reminded me in parts to Satyricon and also Dimmu Borgir. But it has interesting moments which are innovative and entertaining.

“Hypericon” comes with eight tracks. This is not a lot, but since they are quite long the album still reaches a playing time of 44 minutes. And those three quarters of an hour are well invested time. The atmosphere of the album is still dark and ill-omend. But Woland manages to ‘bring also some light into black metal’. 

“Conquer all” is the opener for this journey into a Nietzschean vision – a term the band uses. Strong, mean and powerful the song comes with a good punch and is a right chosen opener. Songs like “Art of ascension” and “None” are black metal songs with a pumping beat and an monotonous perfection. The first mentioned one could become even a hit in some underground clubs. “Living water” is the first really interesting song. Starting and ending as a typical black metal track the tune surprises in the middle part. A fragile acoustic guitar takes over and spreads a flamenco feeling. That’s new on a black metal record, but it adds something to the song. I like the idea because it makes the song special. “Extacy and rapture” is a grooving black metal song which reminds me in parts to Satyricon. In addition the song has partly some clean vocals which fit pretty well. After an piano intermezzo called “Honey in the lion” another very interesting song starts. ”Life forever” comes with a heavy riffs and a piano part. The contradiction couldn't be bigger. Like the acoustic guitar in “Living water” the piano sounds leads to an cool atmosphere and brings some extra tension into the song. The piano is partly pretty furious and has some jazz element. Cool. Right at the moment when you get used to it a riff explodes and brings back the heaviness into the song. With “”Elevate existence” , a slower epical track, the album comes to its end.

I think, that the album became a very good debut and everybody who thinks that black metal is boring should test this album. The opposite is proven by “Hyperion”. Eight points go to: Finland.





  1. Conquer All
  2. Art of Ascension
  3. Living Water
  4. None
  5. Extacy and Rapture
  6. Honey in The Lion
  7. Live Forever.
  8. Elevated Existence


Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Black Metal

CD review WOLAND "Hyperion"
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