(9/10) Robert Cray is back with a new album from The Robert Cray Band. This is maybe not the most heavy stuff, but it is awesome blues music which is for sure interesting for all fans from Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore in his blues period. 

Just to get an understanding that we are not talking about a nobody here, you should know that Cray played already together with legends like Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker. And he got his place in the Blues Hall Of Fame - with only 57 years. This is pretty amazing.

"In my soul", which was recorded in the Santa Barbara Studio and produced by Niko Bolas, reflects all the trademarks of Robert Cray. The songs, eleven in total, are mainly blues based, spiced up with soul and R&B elements. The result is almost an hour of soulful music which is perfect for chilling after a hard day of work. Robert Cray is first of all a great guitar player, but he is more than that. Cray has also a great voice which fits perfect to this kind of music. It's very clear vocals, but they have from time to time a bit of a smoky touch too. 

My highlights of the album is the fast and grooving opener "You move me", followed by the exciting Otis Redding cover "Nobody's fault but mine" with its cool horn parts and the enthralling rhythm. But also the slower "What would you say" is an awesome piece of music. The highly emotional song is about dreaming about a better world - and you can feel this in each note of the tune. With "Deep in my soul" the album also has Crays interpretation from a Bobby Blue Bland song which sounds brilliant. The slow and sensitive "Pillow" is the last track on the album, which sends you out into the night air again, happy and with a smile on your face.

Eventhough my big fave from The Robert Cray Band still stays "Poor Johnny", I like his new record a lot. And it doesn't matter if you might be a 'die hard' metalhead or not, you should at least check out this record. It's cool music from cool guys.





  1. You move me
  2. Nobody's fault but mine
  3. Fine yesterday
  4. Your good thing's about to come to an end
  5. I guess I'll never know
  6. Hold on
  7. What would you say
  8. Hip tight onions
  9. You're everything
  10. Deep in my soul
  11. Pillow (Bonus track)


Label: Mascot Label Group

Genre: Blues

CD review THE ROBERT CRAY BAND "In my soul"
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