(5/10) Elvenking from Italy. What should I say? Since they are in business since more than 15 years they are definitely doing some things right. They released in all these years seven records and number eight is now available at your record shop. The name" "The pagan manifesto". 

And, maybe you expect this already, there is a but. My biggest problem is this whole image about the medieval. If you broach this issue than please like the good old Ronnie James Dio did. Castles, dragons and fortresses are cool, but druids and elfs are not really metal to me and the same goes for druids. The musicians synonyms reflect the same issue. The good thing is, that they have a consistency in this, but as said: not my cup of tea. 

When it comes to the music it looks slightly different. The power metal based songs have some highlights. Tracks like the powerful „Elvenslegion“ and „Pagan revolution“ are OK. Nice melodies and good riffs  characterize these tunes. The real fast „Twilight of magic“ is the best track on the album. Melody, power and energy fits well together. I wish the band would have had more of those songs. But sad enough there are also trivial tunes on the album like „Black roses fort he wicked one“. This is far too sticky and far too simple. „Also „The druid ritual of oak“ sounds unfinished to my ears. And last but not least the production could be also a bit better. It sounds flat and I missthe energy in each song. Where is the pwoer in those power metal tracks?

If you have been a fan of the band so far you will also like this album. When it comes to me Elvenking also couldn't light the fire with this album.



  1. The manifesto
  2. Kings of the elves
  3. Elvenlegions
  4. The druid ritual of oak
  5. Moonbeam stone circle
  6. The solitaire
  7. Towrads the shores
  8. Pagan revolution
  9. Grandier's funeral pyre
  10. Twilight of magic
  11. Black roses for the wicked one
  12. Witches gather


Label:AFM Records
Genre: Folk Metal

CD review ELVENKING "The pagan manifesto"
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