(8/10) Another symphonic metal release from a Dutch band. After Within Temptation and Delain we have the new album from Epica in the stores. The sixth album got the name "The quantum enigma".

This time the band decided to try out new ways. After working together with Sascha Paeth for the first five records, Epica decided to go for another production this time. They worked together Joost van den Broek. The mix was done by Jacob Hansen, which we know from Volbeat and Hatesphere - Danish dynamite. The result sounds pretty impressive - massive and sophisticated in ones. The right mix between brain and heart.

The songs have from a lyrical perspective one story which they follow. It's about the environment which is influenced by our thoughts. It is not what we see, it is what we want to see and how we interpret it. An interesting story which probabaly can be also tranferred to music.

Listening to the album gives the feeling of having a musical version of a movie. If you take the effort of listining to the album intesively with your earphones you can become almost part of the story. This is mainly due to the fact that Epica creates an atomsphere with their songs which takes you under the spell. In this context it doesn't matter if we talk about the very heavy and riff oriented tunes like "Victims of contigency" which hammers merciless out of the speakers. Very fast with a lot of growls the tune is the heaviest one on the album. But also more harmonic tracks like the balladic "Canvas of life" triggers your mental cinema.

In a very clever way Epica includes an intro and an interlude, "The fifth guardian", in the tracklist, which even emphasis the vibes and the expression of the album. 

The final song on the record is also the real highlight. The title track is with eleven minutes by distance the longest on the entire album. Starting with some soundscapes the tune builds up to a fast and melodic smasher. It shows the massive vocal range of Simone Simmons. In addition to that a dense wall of guitars make the song very heavy. The breaks within the tune make it exciting and the support the cineastic metal which Epica delivers with "The quantum enigma". 

Epica released a appealing new album which I really like. Well done.





  1. Originem
  2. The second stone
  3. The essence of silence
  4. Victims of Contingency
  5. Sense without sanity - The impervious code
  6. Unchain utopia
  7. The fifth guardian - Interlude
  8. Reverence - The living heart
  9. Omen - The ghoulish malady
  10. Canvas of life
  11. Natural corruption
  12. The quantum enigma - Kingdom of heaven part II


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Symphonic Metal

CD review EPICA "The quantum enigma"
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