(9/10) You might wonder why this album gets a review on Markus' Heavy Music Blog. It's maybe not real metal, but it rocks quite a lot. That's why it is worth to be mentioned on my blog.

Whom we are talking about? Jan Delay is a German artist from Hamburg. Actually the guy comes from the reggea and funk scene. With one of his earlier bands "Absolute Beginners" he also played German hip-hop. Delay never limited himself in one kind of music. He was always quite open in what he did. 

It was eight years ago, when Jan Philip Eißfeld, alias Jan Delay, started with his band Disco No. 1. Probabaly without a real vision he just played around with certain elements and created with his Disco No1 an album called "Mercedes Dance". I think it is the freshness and highly creative approach which made the album very successful. Great reviews and rewards have been the consequence. This led to shows on big open airs like Rock Am Ring, where he got some of the best timeslots. Amazing how he managed to still get the crowd go wild this year when he started his show at 1:00am. 

Delay is now also back with his new album called "Hammer und Sichel". The guys continues the way he started to walk on with the debut. Actually it became even more rock'n'roll. Just listen to the riff rocker "Fick" which refects the rock approach pretty good. The closest connection to metal is his song "Wacken". Yes, it's about the well known open air. Next to the great tune it's the video which is highly entertaining. Delay recorded it last year at the Wacken open air. The amuzing part is that he went there with a white suite and slippers. Can you imagine who this looked like? Just which the clip. But it also shows the huge tolerance of metalheads. They all had obviously fun together. This is the value of openess which should be much more reflected in a lot of other areas of daily life. But before it becomes now too philosophical I continue with the tracks. Another highlight is "St. Pauli", which is an anthem for his homebase. But it's also a decleration of love to live and the power of the night. The song grooves like hell and you can immediatley join the chorus.  

"Hammer und Michel" is highly entertaining. It combines punk, blues, funk, rock and pop that is convincing. Crossover and free-style leads to twelve super songs which are fresh and energetic. The album proves that pure, unsteered and creative music (without any business based predictions) can be very successful. 'Do you what you belive in' could be the unspoken message of this album.

Jan Delay became with his Disco N.1 one of the most important acts in the German rock scene. Wherever you red this review - check out the album. Don't be afraid of the German lyrics. It's the music which is awesome.





  1. Liebe
  2. Dicke Kinder
  3. Sie kann nicht tanzen
  4. Strasse
  5. Fick
  6. Scorpions-Ballade
  7. Nicht eingeladen
  8. Action
  9. Hertz 4
  10. St. Pauli
  11. Wacken
  12. Kopfkino


Label: Vertigo Berlin / Universal

Genre: Rock

CD review JAN DELAY "Hammer & Michel"
Photo: Paul Ripke (Promo)

Photo: Paul Ripke (Promo)

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