(8/10) It's seldom that light can be black. In the case of Light this illusion becomes real. The band from Berlin, Germany released their album "The cult of light" a couple of weeks ago, which shows that there can't be darkness without light - in all senses.

The guys play a mix of doom metal riffs, depressive melodies in deep minor, a bit of postcore as well as some black metal elements. This is a mix which makes the entire album very interesting. When I heard the album for the first time names like Tryptikon poped up in my mind.

"Contrast" is an example for a cool song. The tune is faster than the other and some parts in the chorus reminds even to Pantera. I just say "Pooowwweeerr, endless poowweeerrrrr". Also the trilogy "Cult of light" starts with a faster track. "Cold" doesn't take any prisoners, before "Ceremony" reflects exactly what the title promises. It's a slower and sphereful piece of music with choral vocals. "Ritual", the last part, is than doom metal pure. The speed is kept down, the riff is heavy and the rhythm gives the song the drive. The track is a great headbanger. "Light bless you" follows the same pattern. Mean vocals, choral backgrounds and an irresistable riff characterize the song. Really heavy shit.

Light released a really good album, which surprised me. It stays exciting even after the fourth and fifth round on the turntable. I can recommend it. 





  1. No light
  2. Contrast
  3. Reflection
  4. Alpha omega
  5. Interference
  6. Light bless you
  7. Believe
  8. Miracles
  9. Cold
  10. Cult of light: Ceremony
  11. Cult of light: Ritual


Label: Self Released

Genre: Black Metal

CD review LIGHT "The cult of light"
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