(7/10) It was in 2006 when the Swedish/Danish band Sons Of Tomorrow took a long time break. This was the moment for Nille Schüttman to realize his own idea and vision. The guitarist always wanted to start a band playing a mix out of Black Sabbath, Free and The Black Crows. So we are talking about classic rock in the broader sense. But it took quite a while till the real starting point for Riot Horse was reached. After trying out several constellations for the band it was in 2011 when things changed and Riot Horse gained speed. It was not only Nille who was responsible for it. It was also bass player Anders Johansson who played a major role in this.

In the meantime the band has released their debut album a few days ago. The name of the disc is "This is who we are", which sounds almost like introducing the 'final' line-up after all the difficulties in the beginning.

The songs are bluesy hard rockers with a lot of emotions. Good examples are "Didn't see it coming" and "Medicine man". The last is a ballad, reminding a bit to the earlier Whitesnake. The fastest tune on the album is probably "Going undercover". It's pure rock'n'roller. There are also the classic rock influences which are coming back in songs like "My mountain".

"This is who we are" became an interesting debut album. Not really a musical revolution, but an album with an high entertaiment factor and music which sounds real and honest. And already this deserves respect.





  1. Get your hand up
  2. Bring 'em on
  3. Miss Mississippi
  4. Didn't see it coming
  5. My mountain
  6. Going undercover
  7. Shine
  8. Hold me
  9. Took my soul away
  10. Torn
  11. Starlight
  12. Medicine man


Label: Metalville

Genre: Classic Rock

CD review RIOT HORSE "This is who we are"
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