(8/10) You probabaly know Sascha Paeth in his role as producer of bands like Edguy and Kamelot. But Paeth is also musician. He is guitarist and played already with bands like Avantasia.

But over all those years he also had the idea of creating an album which is slightly different and a creative mix from various styles. With The Wirepushers he releazid this vision. Together with bassplayer Arne Wiegand from Santiago Paeth recorded a number of tunes, which have very different influences. It's hard to describe the music. In the end it is hardrock, with some funky elements, some pop hooks and indie melodies. However, the result is worth to listen to.

Another big plus for The Wirepushers is singer Paul Kettley. The former Tribe frontman fits perfect to the sound of the band. Last but not least, and not to forget, The Wirepusher's sound gets completed by drummer Robert Hunecke who is a close friend of Paeth. 

As mentioned lready, the tracks on the dbeut are pretty diverse. What untis all the tunes on the album is the obvious fun and pleasure the guys had while writing the songs and recording them. There is a positive vibe in the album which is undeniable. 

The style scale covers everything from a more pop-oriented and very light "Minimal", via a punky "Natural born idiot" & "Finest girl" up to the funky "All is good". The opener "The escapater" is another of those funky tracks which grooves like hell. The bassline in this song just makes you move - if you want it or not. But also the riff based rocker "Simplicity of men" is worth to be mentioned. It's a hardrocker per excellence and reminds in the beginning to AC/DC. The fastest track o the album is the raw rocker "Don't disturb my circles". It is kept simply and straight-forward and shows again the punky influences on the band. This tune can become a wonderful live song which makes the crowd freak out. The humor of the band becomes obvious in the short a-capella intermezzo "Is there another word for it?". It just makes you smile.

I think it not even necessary to mention that the sound of the album is very good.

Another remarkable fact is the cover. It was done easy and unusual in once. It was done by nephew Younes. It's all about family business :o)

The album is a creative output of experienced musicians who realised something they always wanted to do. It's maybe partly not the most commercial album, but it very authentic and real. And already this is something which cherished enough in these days. Thumbs up.





  1. The escapader
  2. Minimal
  3. Electric pupperty
  4. All is good
  5. Simplicity of men
  6. Finest girl
  7. Sympathy
  8. Don't disturb my circles
  9. Is there another word for it?
  10. Natural born idiot
  11. Tin soldier
  12. Any minute
  13. Stopgap rap


Label: United Producers Records

Genre: Alternative Rock / Hardrock


CD review THE WIREPUSHERS "Electric puppetry"
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