(7/10) Twilight Force stands for neo-classic symphonic metal from Falun, Sweden. You think you've heard the name of this city earlier. True. It's also the hometown of Sabaton. This fact also explains why Joakim Broden is doing some guest vocals on three tracks. 

Eventhough Twilight Force sounds really different than the guys in the camouflage trousers I also have to say that there are some parallel. 

The base for both styles is power metal with a good sense for melodies. Twilight Force takes it more into a symphonic direction while Sabaton keeps their power metal more basic. Their sound includes some neo-classic elements which are more influenced by the sound of e.g. Yngwie Malmsteen. Most of the tunes are quite fast and bombastic. It's not really new things on the album. Bands like Rhapsody Of Fire has done similar releases. But Twilight Force does it good. We can state that the quality is OK ... and there can't be a constant musical reinvention take place either. This goes also for the Manowar-like ballad "Made of steel". The title of the song makes already obvious what to expect. The song is actually quite good and better than a lot of songs from the 'true metal quartett'. But a bit too much pathos for me. 

One thing that is a downer is the playing time. With only 37 minutes the album is kept pretty short. I wonder why? The second thing which is unnecessary are the two 'narrator' intermezzos, esp. "The summoning", where the narrator sounds like a distorted version of Kermit The Frog. Nothing against spoken words. But they demand a voice that's also relevant.

For fans from the earlier mentioned bands "Tales of the ancient prophecies" is for sure a 'must'. But also for all the others the album is worth to give it at least a short check. 





  1. Enchanted dragon of wisdom
  2. The power of the ancient force
  3. Twilight horizon
  4. The summoning
  5. Whispering winds
  6. Fall of the eternal winter
  7. Forest of destiny
  8. In the mighty hall of the fire king
  9. Made of steel
  10. Sword of magic steel
  11. Gates of glory


Label: Black Lodge

Genre: Symphonic Metal

CD review TWILIGHT FORCE "Tales of ancient prophecies"
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