(8/10) "Invictus" is the third and last part of the "Marriage of Heaven and Hell" trilogy from the New York based power metal band Virgin Steel. In total it's their eighth album and a pretty good one too.

For me personally all the three records are, together with 1985 release "Noble savage", the best albums from David DeFeis, Edward Pursino and their companions. It shows, that Virgin Steel always found a good mix of powerful riff oriented metal and epical soundscapes; with all the envolved drama and pleasure.  Compared with bands like Manowar, Virgin Steel always stood with both feet on the ground and convinced with good music more than with a hype about a self-created image.

"Invictus" is now re-issued by SPV/Steamhammer and it comes with a bonus CD too. This disc comes with 3 medleys from "Invictus" and "Marriage of heaven and hell" songs which is exciting. The interesting thing is, that all these songs are acoustical versions that gives the tunes a new expression. If they are better or worse than the original is up to you. I think they are OK, but I prefer the rocking version. Anyhow, something for collectors and fans for sure. No doubt.

The last song is a brand new one. It got the name "Do not walk with God" and fits pretty well. It's a soulful ballad based on piano and vocals.

Good to hear some old/new stuff from Virgin Steel again and a new studio record in a reasonable time would be nice too.






  1. The blood of vengeance
  2. Invictus
  3. Mind, body, spirit
  4. In the arms of the dead God (Instrumental)
  5. Through blood and fire
  6. Sword of the Gods
  7. God of our sorrows
  8. Vow of honour
  9. Defiance
  10. Dust from the burning
  11. Amaranth (Instrumental)
  12. A whisper of death
  13. Dominion day
  14. A shadow of fear
  15. Theme: Marriage of heaven and hell (Instrumental)
  16. Veni, vidi, vici


CD 2:

  1. A whisper of death
  2. Unholy water
  3. Trails of tears
  4. Rising unchained
  5. Veni, vidi, vici
  6. Defiance
  7. I will come for you
  8. Victory is mine
  9. A serpent's kiss
  10. A whisper of death
  11. Great sword of flame
  12. Emalaith
  13. The burning of Rome
  14. Perfect mansions
  15. Do you walk with God


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Gerne: Heavy Metal


CD review VIRGIN STEELE "Invictus" re-release
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