(7/10) If you look on the last years of Meliah Rage's history you could partly imagine why they called their new album, number eight in the bands history, "Warrior". After releasing the "Dead to the world" the band from Boston went through a tougher period. Instead of promoting the album with several live shows strikes of fate hit the band. Singer Paul Souza left the band and guitarist Anthony Nichols had to face a serious sickness absence.

But Meliah Rage didn't give up. They have been 'warriors against fate' and tried to make the best out of the situation which was given. They found with Marc Lopez an excellent new singer and started to work on the new album.

"Warrior" comes with eight songs with a total running time from almost 45 minutes. That's pretty OK.

It starts with the title track. "Warrior" is an energetic song which is slow and heavy. Lopes' rough vocal give the track an extra power. A good six minutes long start into the record. "I am the pain" takes the same line. Power thrash based on an strong riff and an interesting melody line. The bass kicks-off "A dying day". The guitar joins and the whole things reminds me to Metallica - at least in the beginning. This impression gets even stronger with "These scars". The thrash legend from the Bay Area left a permanent impression on Meliah Rage. In the case of "These scars" it's meant more a s compliment than as something negative. With "Garden of evil" the eight tracks long album also has an instrumental. It keeps the level of all the other songs and is surprisingly good. The way the song is arranged and sturctured makes it interesting from the beginning to the end.

Conclusion: "Warrior" became another good power-/thrash metal album in Meliah Rage's history. Traditional power metal in a new and modern dress. Highly appreciated.





  1. Warrior
  2. I am the pain
  3. Stranger to your sympathy
  4. When we wake
  5. A dying day
  6. These scars
  7. Garden of evil (instrumental)
  8. In hate


Label: Metal-On-Metal Records

Genre: Power Metal

CD review MELIAH RAGE "Warrior"
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