(8/10) Pforzheim in Germany isn't known for being the main capital of teutonic metal. Nevertheless a band called Outrage is coming from the contemplative city in Swabia. And they aren't new either. Outrage is around since 1983, so more than 30 years. It was Udo F. and Frank P. who started the band and continously developed Outrage further up till now. Even a break, the band disbanded in 1988, couldn't stop Outrage. 2004 was the year of the reunion which was celebrated with an EP. The name was a clear statement - "Back for attack".

I have to admit, that I haven't had the band on my screen so far. But it is never too late and I'm happy that I got their new album.

It's called "We the dead" has 12 metal tracks which sound very good. The whole album is oldschool thrash in a positive way. Early influences like Hellhammer, Venom and Celtic Frost are still present in the todays sound. 

I have a few faves on the album. The opener is one of those. "11:59" can be seen as an intro, followed by the superb "Eye for an eye". The song doesn't take any prisoners and has a touch of the earlier Sodom. Thrash metal right to the point. But Outrage can do more than only play fast and furious. The mean riff of the slower "Be that as it may" is a beast that carves slowly into your brain. 'Slow = heavy' is the motto of this track. You want it wild. No problem. "Death from behind" serves you the metal thunderstorm you asked for. "Sepia eyes/Birth to the flame" shows with the guitarlines some parallels to the earlier Metallica.

The best is reserved till the end. The title track "We the dead" was chosen to be the bouncer. The song comes with a slow and pounding beat, accompanied by a mighty riff which turns the song into an endless maelstrom. The track is with a bit more than two minutes one of the shorter ones, which doesn't matter at all. Heaviness can't be counted in minutes.

All in all the entire album is pure oldschool feast and has a lot of credibility.

Also the cover is chosen well and fits. The zombie family is grinning at you and reminds you to an earlier time. Very authentic.

Outrage is a proof that passion is a main driver for good music. The band never celeberated big successes and stayed in the underground for all those years. But they did what they wanted to do, independent from trends and mainstream. Maybe "We the dead" changes the situation a bit and brings Outrage more into the spotlight. It's out of question that they would have deserved it.





  1. 11:59 - Eye for an eye
  2. Kill snow white
  3. The biggest wrench
  4. Be that as it may
  5. The elemental war
  6. Death from behind
  7. The iron door
  8. Sepia eyes / birth to the flame
  9. Chastiser
  10. Sperical
  11. Delos
  12. We the dead


Label: Metal On Metal

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review OUTRAGE "We the dead"
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