(7/10) Rock from New Zealand doesn't find its way on your record player too often. I Am Giant is one of those bands from the other side of the world which should you listen to - at least if you like rock music. The band is currently based in London and they are in business since 2008.

The quartet released their first album in 2011. It was immediately a success in their home country since it went for gold in New Zealand. Not too bad for a debut. The second album needs to prove that this wasn't a one time wonder. The name of the band at least states that they a have a lot of self-confidence.

At this stage I can already say that I Am Giant succeeded in releasing a suitable successor of "The horrifying truth". The new album, titled "Science & survival", comes with 11 songs, an intermezzo and an intro. I Am Giant manages again to combine great melodies with a rocking guitar. "Razor wire reality" is a good example. The song has a good hookline by still having a powerful riff as well. The whole thing goes almost towards Alter Bridge; at least in certain parts. What also stands out are the vocals from Ed Martin. Martin's voice has a quite wide range and he sounds a bit similar to Chris Martin from Coldplay. Esp. in "Death of you" this becomes obvious. Another track which reflects this is "Transmission" - a song that has a strong pop/rock appeal. Enough from all the sweets? "Silhoutte" provides you with a down tuned riff that brings energy back into music. The closer isn't just a song. It is a twelve minutes epical track called "Bought with ignorance. Sold with arrogance". You can look on it as a summary of the whole album. There are the soft and chilling parts with emotional vocals and almost prog soundscapes. But there are also the powerful and energetic sound eruptions which break the silence. The flow through this pretty long track fits very well and makes you listening to the track till the end. It keeps the tension during each of the 12 minutes. A choral part and chiming bells rounds off an interesting and modern rock album.

A recommendation to all rock fans and good to see there is much more in New Zealand than just sheeps and a Hobbit landscape.





  1. Guethary (Intro)
  2. Echo from the gallows
  3. Razor wire reality
  4. Death of you
  5. Ca vous derange
  6. Transmission
  7. Out of date hallucination
  8. Silhouette
  9. Dragging the slow dance out
  10. Miss Seattle
  11. Minefield
  12. Standing in the sun
  13. Bought with ignorance. Sold with arrogance


Label: Sony Music

Genre: Rock

CD review I AM GIANT "Science & survival"
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