(7/10) Ichor are around since 2008. The death metal band from Trier, Germany has released in the meantime one split CD and two full-length albums. The last one was called "Benthic horizon" and has seen the light of day in 2010. Four years later the new album is availabale at your local record dealer. The name of the disc is "Depths". 
Thematically the album is a journey into the depths of the ocean and escape into damnation and the downfall of mankind. All together topics which fits very well into the current situation of wars and disasters.
I was sitting in a plan when I heard the new album from Ichor for the first time. "Depths" start with an intro called "Deep risigf, which is an unholy introduction to what comes next. It's ten death metal anthems which doesn't take any prisoners.
Coming back to the plane experience. We were rolling towards the runway when the intro started. The plane wa rolling to its position, ready for take-off. And exactly at the moment when the plane put all the engines on full speed the first real track started too. I wasn't sure what pushed me more into the seath. Was it the acceleration or was it the song. I think it was a mix of both, but the experience was cool anyhow.
The tracks in general are exciting death metal ones which are played on a pretty high level. Of course, as said, they don't take prisoners. "Depths" is quite brutal but still from a sound point of view very transparent. This makes the album easier to access and it's a pleasure to listen to each track. It's without saying that most songs are kept on high speed. But there are the moments when the band steps on the breaks. One of those songs is "While giants sleep". The song is like the never ending maelstorm pulling everything downwards. The riff is just brute and the tune is one of the heaviest ones on "Depths". Damn cool. The last song "Hadal sirens" starts pretty slow as well and you expect another mid-pace song. Wrong expectation. After one minute the tune builds up to a blast speed death metal inferno before in the last minute a piano based outro rounds of in exciting and interesting album from a band I haven't heard before.
"Depths" is a record that will be appreciated by fans of the old Florida death metal as well as from Swedish death metal. Worth to give it a try.
  1. Deep rising
  2. Apophis
  3. Ra iroa
  4. While giants sleep
  5. The beasts approach
  6. The herectic king
  7. Leviathan
  8. Deny your god
  9. Desire of the depth
  10. Cthulus sons
  11. Hadal sirens

Label: Bastardized Recordings
Genre: Death Metal 
CD review ICHOR "Depths"
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