(7/10) Not that much new in Växjö, Sweden. This is also not a big surprise if you know the small Swedish city in the middle of wide forests. Astrid Lindgren's stories seem to be very present there.

But from time to time there blows a metal storm through the town, caused by Bullet - a band that calls this city their hometown. And such a metal tornado also runs over Växjö right now again since "Storm of blades" has been unleashed. It's Bullet's newest album and it comes with 11 metal anthems. Most of them really good, some of them a bit more average ("It's on").

Also looking on Bullet I can state that there isn't that much new with their sound. "Storm of blades" is a logical next step after the 2012 release "Full pull". The band sticks to their typical traditional metal they are well known for. And I think this is good. The quintet is celebrating their idols like Judas Priest ("Uprising" & "Run with the hunted"), Accept ("Riding high") and AC/DC ("Hawk eyes" "Coming in loud") from the first to the last note.

The only thing that I have a bit of an issue with from the very first day I heard the band are the vocals from Hell Hofer. I like the music of the five guys, but his vocals are special. After 4-5 songs they get a bit annoying. But this is of course a very personal reflection.

For the rest the album is fun to listen to and I can foresee again great live shows with the new material. If your looking for a party soundtrack. Here it is.





  1. Uprising
  2. Storm of blades
  3. Riding high
  4. Tornado
  5. Hawk eyes
  6. This one's for you
  7. Hammer down
  8. It's on
  9. Crossfire
  10. Run with the hunted
  11. Coming loud


Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review BULLET "Storm of blades"
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