(7/10) Does Rebellious Spirit know the guys from Kissin' Dynamite? They are at least based in the same area in Germany - Swabia. And they play a similar kind of music, which is 80's based hardrock. Also age-wise the two bands are very similar. The guys have been between 15 and 18 when they recorded their first demo. That was three years ago.

However, let's focus on the rebel guys for a moment."Obsession" is the second album of the four-piece. It follows the debut called "Gamble shot". Since I haven't heard their debut I was quite curious on what to expect. And I was positively surprised. As said, the band plays 80's based melodic hardrock that is based somewhere between HIM in the darker "Lost" and Mötley Crüe ("Look what I've become").

But the Rebellious Spirit for sure heard also about Poison. Listening to songs like "Summer moved on" and "Between the highs and lows" explains you what I mean. It is the vocals and the melodylines of Jannik Fischer that reminds to the guys from L.A.. The last mentioned track has by the way a quite heavy middle part.

The ballad "In my dreams" is in my point of view a bit too cheesy, but the final track, the riffy "Breakout", brings back the overall positive impression of the album.

The good sound of "Obsession" rounds of the total package.

If you like 80's hardrock and if you count Kissin' Dynamite to your faves too, than you should give also this album a fair chance. The chance you'll like it if pretty high.

Let's see what their live shows will look like. They will open for our blond guitar wizard Axel Rudi Pell during his autumn tour.






  1. Obsession
  2. Lost
  3. Silent scream
  4. Walls of lies
  5. Summer moved on
  6. Confidence men
  7. Look what I've become
  8. Between the highs and lows
  9. Together
  10. Forever lost
  11. In my dreams
  12. Breakout


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Hardrock

CD review REBELLIOUS SPIRIT "Obsession"
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