(8/10) This album sounds literally like the black sheep of the family. 1349 from Norway delivered an excellent black metal album that in my opinion belongs to the best genre releases this year.


The album contains everything a black metal record needs. A brutal sound, brawly vocals, mighty riff assaults and sometimes even some small hidden melodies. You can feel a chill breath in your neck while listening to the songs.


The good thing with the record is the ease that is spread by the album. Ease not in the sense of laid-back. Of course not; we are talking about black metal. I mean it more in the context of the band following their creative inspiration. 

The songs have a certain flow that goes through the whole album. Non of the tracks feels forced or a burden for the four-piece.


There are some parallels to Satyricon, which isn't a surprise while thinking about Frost sitting behind the drumkit in both bands since many years. It's his punch, which pushes the band a lot.


1349 doesn't reinvent black metal. But they play this more traditional way of Norwegian black metal in an almost perfect way. The tracks put a spell on you. As a listener you don't lose the excitement since the album isn't one-dimensional at all. There are enough things happening to keep you in it. This is a gift not that many black metal bands can claim for themselves.


And than there is "Golem" - a moment on the album that is different from the rest. "Golem" is a 1:40 minutes speedtrain that is spot on. No musical chatter, just uncompromising metal. The tune is a cool track on the album and a real neck-breaker.


"Massive cauldron of chaos" is an excellent black metal record that can also be tested by non-black-metal-fans.







  1. Cauldron

  2. Slaves

  3. Exorcism

  4. Postmortem

  5. Mengele's

  6. Golem

  7. Chained

  8. Godslayer



Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Black Metal

CD review 1349 "Massive cauldron of chaos"
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