(7/10) Three years after "The sea of memories" Bush released a new album called "Man on the run" The band that had their best period in the 90's with albums like "Sixteen stone" and "Razorblade suitcase" had a brilliant comeback in 2011 with the mentioned "The sea of memories". 

The new record is the fifth one of the alternative rock band from London, UK.  The guys got older over time and it feels that their music became more mature. Their really wild and furious moments from the early days aren't there anymore. But they are replaced by good quality rocks song that have a strong emotional component. 

The music on "Man on the run" is typical Bush. Their alternative rock has still a strong grunge expression and it's a constant melancholic vibe that is enbedded in each song. This has mainly to do with Rossdale's vocal lines.

With fourteen tracks the album delivers quantity. But how about the quality? I have to say that I didn't really liked the album after I listened to it the first time. But after giving it a second, third and fourth round "Man on the run" was growing. The tracks might need a bit of time to show their entire potential. "Man on the run" doesn't have a real bad song. They have all their charm. The melodies are catchy and the hooklines are irresistable. 

My favorits are the rocking "Bodies in motion" with a good riff and an intensive vocal performance from Rossdale. The chorus sticks immediately and is the real highlight. Bush also shows their more silent side with tracks like "Eye of the storm". The title for this song couldn't have been chosen better. And is it only me that feels reminded to Guns'n'Roses during the guitar solo? The more rocking and grooving moments are covered by songs like the opener "Just like my other sins" and "The gift".

The only small point of critic is the fact that the tracks follow mostly the same pattern. The expression of each of them is very similar and the blueprint for each of the tunes doesn't vary that much. There could have been a bit more diversity in the music. A surprising element here and there would have been good to increase the level of excitment.

For the rest I have to say that "Man on the run" became a good alternative rock album is still open enough for a bigger audience. 





  1. Just like my other sins
  2. Man on the run
  3. The only way out
  4. The gift
  5. The house is on fire
  6. Loneliness is a killer
  7. Bodies in motion
  8. Broken paradise
  9. Surrender
  10. Dangerous love
  11. Eye of the storm
  12. Let yourself go
  13. Speeding through the bright lights
  14. The golden age 


Label: Sony Music

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review BUSH "Man on the run"
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