(6/10) That Sweden is a country with very successful melodic rock bands is a well known fact.  like Treat, W.E.T., but especially Europe made the scene in the 80's - up till now.

Dalton is another one of those bands. It was former Treat drummer Mats Dahlberg who formed the band in the eighties and they have been pretty well-known in Sweden at that time. But the band disbanded in the nineties.

25 years later the members came together for a TV documentary. That was the kickstart for the new album, since they found out that the old vibe is still there - or there again.

"Pit stop" is the name of the new release which comes mid October via Frontiers. Funny enough I was more reminded the Swiss (hard)rock bands like Gotthard and China when I heart the record. "Pit stop" has eleven melodic tunes which are all from a good quality. The new written material for the band's third album focuses on big melodies that are based on a solid keyboard baseplate. Dalton has a sense for hooklines and catchy songs. It is easy-listening music.

This strength is in my point of view also the weak part of the album. Everything sound very well-known, which means that the surprising moments are very limited. The rough edges and the unexpected moments are very limited and "Pit stop" is a bit too polished too. What is 'promised' by the opener "Ready to rock" can't be kept on the entire album. The first song on the record is by far the strongest one. It's a real party rocker with an excellent chorus. I like the track.

Besides that the album has a very professional touch. The musicians have a lot of experience and Bo Lindmark is doing a great job as the singer of Dalton. But also the rhythm section is working tight together and Westfahl's guitar adds a lot to the totality too. There are crispy solos like on the mentioned "Ready to rock".

The production itself is noteworthy and fits to the style of Dalton in a prefect way. Again, maybe even to perfect since too burnished.

However, eventhough "Pit stop" doesn't show a lot of new inspiration it became a professional melodic rock disc. Fans from bands like the mentioned Europe, W.E.T. and Gotthard will like this album.





  1. Ready to rock
  2. Hey you
  3. Don't tell me lies
  4. Follow your dreams
  5. Up & down
  6. Bad love
  7. One voice
  8. Here we are
  9. Something for the pain
  10. 50/50
  11. TGIF


Label: Frontiers

Genre: Melodic Rock


CD review DALTON "Pit stop"
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