(*/10) To introduce King Diamond is like carrying sand to the beach. The iconic singer from Denmark, who lives in the US since many years, is a constant factor in the scene for decades. He didn't only celebrate big successes during his solo career; he already released records with Merciful Fate that influenced metal very much.

Due to his falsetto you might love or dislike the King, but his impact on metal, and esp. the occult metal scene, is undisputable.

The new 'Best of...' album is looking back in the King Diamond solo years. The double CD package contains the highlights from 'Roadrunner years' and the 'Metal Blade years'. Since I like esp. "Abigail" and "Them" I was happy to see songs like "The family ghost", "Black horseman" and "The invisibal guest" on the tracklist.

But also newer material as "Spirits", "The puppet master" and "Never ending hill" made it on the album.

The only song I miss is "Arrival" from "Abigail", but of course it's about making choices. Not everything can't be put on the album.

"Dreams of horror" is a good retrospective on the works of Kind Diamond. An album that is for collectors and (the few) people who might not have heard about King Diamond so far.

And there is a wish in the end. Hopefully the "Best of.." album is a bridge for a new studio record. But let's see.





CD 1:

  1. The candle
  2. Dressed in white
  3. The family ghost
  4. Black horsemen
  5. Welcome home
  6. The invisble guests
  7. At the graves
  8. Sleepless nights
  9. Let it be done
  10. Eye of the witch
  11. Insanity


  1. Dreams
  2. The spider's lullabye
  3. Waiting
  4. Heads on the wall
  5. Voodoo
  6. Black devil
  7. Help!!!
  8. Spirits
  9. The puppet master
  10. Blue eyes
  11. Never ending hill
  12. Shapes of black


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Heavy Metal






CD review KING DIAMOND "Dreams of horror"
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