(7/10) Outtrigger is a young Swedish band from Helsingborg. The guys from the small city in the South West of Sweden started the band in 2009. After having released an EP in 2010 and another one in 2014 it was time for the real debut album. Their first full-length record is out now in the store and is entitled "The last of us".
Outtrigger playes, I would say, melodic alternative metal. Since the last EP was released in 2014 it isn't a too big surprise that all the song are also on the album. However, the album makes fun. It's not that Outtrigger re-defines alternative metal, but they released with "The last of us" a solid debut album.
The opener "Superman is dead" is well chosen. With the catchy melody the song is easy approachable and has the right mix of commerciality by still keeping a certain heaviness. It becomes wilder with "World of fire". It comes with a strong riff, the verse contains screaming and is the counterpart to the melodic chorus. A sample here and there makes the track to one of the heaviest ones on the album. "You left as you came" is a softer track that is more rock than metal and "Awaken me" got an acoustic dress on the album. It fits actually quite good and give the entire song a melancholic vibe. Both tracks reflect the more soulful side of the band very well.
Outtrigger's "The last of us" is a good debut album from a talented young band. They give their song a certain diversity by still keeping musical red thread. Looking forward for more.



  1. Superman is dead
  2. No excuses
  3. World on fire
  4. Echo
  5. You left as you come
  6. Awaken me (acoustic version)
  7. Colder
  8. Blame on you
  9. One with the pain
  10. The last of us

Label: Gain Music
Genre: Alternative Meta

CD review OUTTRIGGER "The last of us"
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