(7/10) Seven tracks, 38 minutes - no compromises. Stench from Sweden released a new album called "Venture". It is their second full-length disc and it comes with seven black- / death metal tracks.  All of them are stright-forward and doesn't give you time to lay back. 

It starts with "Archways"; a metal anthem that begins with a baleful intro before the track takes up speed and turns into a 3 minutes long black metal monster. "The vast" takes out the speed in the second part and replace it with a mean riff. This makes the track quite heavy.

"Road" is more a highway when it comes to the high-speed of the song and "Smell death" is a brutal and raging piece of music with screaming guitars. The six minutes long track has some intelligent breaks that makes it interesting to follow from start to end. Stench can write even longer songs like the eight minutes long "Celebration". The tune has quite some pace changes along the way. Sounds pretty cool and has enough diversity to keep up the tension.

After those riff infernos "Way" starts comparatively slow. For me it is the best song on the album. It's not often that I can say this from an instrumental. But as said, the tune starts slow and emotional before it builds up to an oppressive death metal track. This is very well done.

Last but not least the title track "Venture - another raging highspeed song that has a certain kick-ass attitude. 

After almost 40 minutes this metallic spin cycle ends. Stench packs everything into the seven songs. No gimmicks - just pure death metal. "Venture" is a good metal record and the band shows some potential. It could be that we will hear more often from them and it's worth to give the album a chance if you like fast performed death metal.



  1. Archways
  2. The vast
  3. Road
  4. Smell death
  5. Celebration
  6. Way
  7. Venture


Label: Agonia Records

Genre: Death Metal

CD review STENCH "Venture"
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