(8/10) Some of you might heard already about Hotrod Mayhem. The band is excisting since 2008 and there are two well known names being part of Hotrod Mayhem. Joschi Baschin (g/v) and Oliver Riegler (d) from Undertow founded the band together with Michael Gerstlauer (Dryrot) (g). Gerstlauer left the band in the meantime and was replaced by Roger Grüninger. Hotrod Mayhem completed the line-up with MKS (v) and Andreas Hund on bass.

While Undertow focusses more on melancholic doom metal, Hotrod Mayhem plays an exciting mix that combines thrash metal, punk and hardcore to a brutal groove machine. It sounds like a mix of Pantera, Crowbar and bands like Soulfly. The music sticks directly. Each of the ten songs hits the target, meaning listener, immediately. 

Five of the ten tracks have been released already earlier on the demo of the band from Heidenheim, Gemany. The highlight is for sure the mighty groover "Slaves". The song can make you addictive. It is the enormous power which makes it special. But also the screaming guitars on "Contamination overdose" are a Christmas present for each metal fan.

The new tunes are all on the same high level as the older tunes. The opener "We are at war" is a fast song that sets the tone of voice. Already the scream "We are at war" in the beginning is a cool start into the album and a clear statement too. "Reaktored" instead is reducing pace a bit. It's build on a slow and mean riff that reminded my to Crowbar. Once started to listen to the song there is no escape anymore. Your locked in this 5 minutes metal machine.

The passion for punk shines through in the closer of the album. "Where do you go" is a two minutes bouncer that is simple and to the point. The punk attitude represented by this track fits the band very well.

"We are at war" was recorded in the Studio 141 in Schwäbisch Hall and got a heavy and brutal sound. So all done right here.

The lyrics are also well thought through. Critical and accusingly Hotrod Mayem wrote about relevant current social and political topics. Three of the songs for example take care about the usage and risks of nuclear power plants. 

This album is awesome and Hotrod Mayhem has the potential of becoming at least as big as Undertow. Well done guys. I hope that the album will get a broader recognition. Check it out. For me one of the top 3 debut records in 2014.





  1. We are at war
  2. Planet hate
  3. Meltdown
  4. Slaves 
  5. Reaktored
  6. Nuisance
  7. Contermination overdose 
  8. Black rain 
  9. Catch me if you can 
  10. Where do you go 


Label: YouTunez.com

Genre: Groove Metal

CD review HOTROD MAYHEM "We are at war"
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