It was a surprisingly cold Friday night in Zoetermeer. This might have been the reason for some metal maniacs to stay at home instead of going to De Boerderij for a rock'n'roll show from Wolf. Announced for the bigger hall of the venue the concert was moved to the Cafe Podium. But at least this smaller area of the club was filled very well. So, good decision.

The opener for this metal night was Dead Lord from Sweden. The four-piece band kicked-off the evening with their classic rock based metal that has a lot of 70's appeal. Eventhough the small podium didn't allow a lot of stage acting the four guys were posing and performing with a lot of enthusiasm. They have played an 40 minutes gig that was very entertaining and warmed up the audience on a cold winter night. Dead Lord also got a pretty good sound which was surprising, since it was the first show on the tour. So all done right. 
Photos: Markus Wiedenmann
Photos: Markus Wiedenmann

Photos: Markus Wiedenmann

Time for the headliner. After a very small break Wolf, also from Sweden, entered the stage and started directly with "Shark attack" from the latest longplayer "Devil seed" into the show. What came next was a 90 minutes metal show that was full of classics from the four-piece. The guys went back in time and played early pearls like the fast "Night stalker" and "Venom" from The "Black wings" album. Those have been the days "when we have been young and could play fast" as frontman Niklas Stålvind stated with a twinkle in the eye. And the ausdience really enjoyed those oldschool metal stuff.

Going through songs from ech Wolf album the show also contained some songs from "Devil seed". Not only the mentioned "Shark attach", but also e.g. "Skeleton women" and "Frozen". I would have loved to also hear "The dark passenger", my favorite song on the album, but this one didn't make it on the setlist. 

Wolf had a couple of time some issues with the microphone from Stålvind which didn't last for too long and haven't been a downer. Can happen, esp. during the first show on a tour. For the rest the sound was clear and dense, which gave Wolf an enormous punch.

And the stageacting was without any doubt really 'metal'. Always in motion, always in a good mood, always close to their fans (bass player Anders Modd played also surrounded by fans and enlivened by Dead Lord guitarist Olle Hedenström) - that was Wolf in Zoetermeer. This is even more honorable knowing that Stålvind was suffering from a cold. Pure passion.

And eventhough there haven't been much more than 50 fans in the small venue; those have been singing e.g. "Voodoo" like it would have been 100's. Highly enthusiastic.

All in all it was a night full of metal in a smaller club atmosphere. It felt more like a metal party, which was great.

It would have been nice for the bands if a few more fans would have found their way to De Boerderij, but anyhow - better a packed smaller location that the half empty bigger one. A cool (and cold) night in Holland.

Photos: Markus Wiedenmann
Photos: Markus Wiedenmann

Photos: Markus Wiedenmann

Setlist Wolf:

  1. Overture / Shark attack
  2. The bite
  3. Skeleton woman
  4. My
  5. Voodoo
  6. Night stalker
  7. Evil star
  8. Frozen
  9. Hail Caesar
  10. I will kill again
  11. Full moon possession
  12. Skull crusher
  13. Venom
  14. Speed on
  15. Genocide
  16. Killing floor


Location: De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Date: 23.01.2015

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