(8/10) Good times for Deep Purple fans. earMusic re-released many important Deep Purple live recordings like "Paris 1975", "Copenhagen 1972", Stockholm 1970" and Graz 1975". The last one in this row of live documents is the 1971 recording from a show the iconic band played in Long Beach. Especially the last mentioned record is almost as old as I am and it shows what kind of long history the band has. Rock'n'roll obviously never dies.

The 70 minutes of classic rock music have been rematered and contain four songs- all of the epically long and with a lot of jamming. The legendary MK II line-up took two tracks from their 1970 release "In rock" and created eleven/twentytwo minutes long versions out of the highlight from their breakthrough album. In addition to those highlights the band also performed "Strange kind of woman" plus "Mandrake root" from the debut.

The nice thing with the album is the journey back in time. Recording technique hasn't been that advanced 40 years ago. This gives the sound a certain roughness and the background noise adds a certain warmness to the sound. The music sound alive and spreads this irresistable retro charm. And still it sounds differenciated and clean.

The songs, as  said, are all extraordinary long. Four tracks lead to 70 minutes of Deep Purple rock. Extending the classics to such a length means that each of the tracks is full of improvisations and variations. It sounds like and almost endless jam session, that shows great guitar solos from Ritchie Blacmore as well as an awesome playing Jon Lord. Ian Gillan has his moments, esp. with the unique screams and the rhyhtm section with Glover/Paice gives the solo parts a solid base to stand on.

This is a must for each Classic Rock fan and a 'should have' for each metal head.





  1. Speed king
  2. Strange kind of woman
  3. Child in time
  4. Mandrake root


Label: earMusic

Genre: Classic Rock

CD review DEEP PURPLE "Long Beach 1971"
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