(9/10) It was in 2012 when drum legend Ian Paice arranged a concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London. He called it the "Ian Paice's Sunflower Superjam". It was actually meant to be a private charity event that the iconic drummer organised together with his wife Jacky. The couple managed to bring together a bunch of excellent and well-kown musicians that supported them that night. The result was an outstanding evening with some of the most important heores in rock.

Luckily this event didn't stay just a private one. The concert was recorded and filmed and we all can join in via CD or DVD/BluRay.

The guys who performed the songs sound like the 'who is who' of rock. Names like Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Uli Jon Roth, Brian May, John Paul Jones and Ian Paice are a guarantee for excellent live music. Bruce Dickinson sings "Black night" from Deep Purple and does a great Gillan-like scream in the beginning - introduced by a "You now what comes next". He does a great job and having Brian May on the six string makes this version evem more special. Alice Cooper is performing "Elected" and the Cooper-hit "School's out". The first track supported by Uli Jon Roth on guitar while Brian May plays the axe on "School's out". Very cool stuff.

With "Pictued within" also Jon Lord (R.I.P.) was honored that night. The soulful intepretation of Steve Balsamo is awesome and gets under your skin. Uli Jon Roth added an old Scorpions song, "The sails of Charon" from the "Taken by force" album, to the show and also "Since you've been gone", with Brian May in the lead, is just a treat for your ears.

"Ian Paice's Sunflower Jam" is an impressive document of an extraordinary evening. Each rock fan should call this record his own. This is music history in all meanings of the words.





  1. Ain't no telling
  2. This wheel's on fire
  3. The sails of Charon
  4. Rock and roll
  5. Pictures within
  6. Something about you
  7. Lessons in love
  8. Emerald
  9. Behind blue eyes
  10. Black night
  11. Since you've been gone
  12. Elected
  13. School's out
  14. Smoke on the water


Label: earMUSIC

Genre: Classic Rock

CD review IAN PAICE'S SUNFLOWER SUPERJAM "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"
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