(7/10) That retro is hip at the moment is nothing new. Since a few years there are more and more bands that re-discovered the sound of the 70's.

In the last months also a few female fronted retro bands appeared on the scene. The Last Internationale is one of the them and also Spiders have released an album that got quite some attention. With Ruby The Hachet another band entered the stage with an album/EP called "Valley of the snake". 

Six songs are refecting a perfect hybrid of classic rock, stoner, doom and psychedelic rock. The opener "Heavy blanket" is a good example herefor. The downtuned guitars are coming close to some stoner bands while the vocal lines are more classic rock, supported by some cool organ sounds. 

"Vast acid" is in a mid pace too and follows the same pattern, before the eight minutes long "Tomorrow never comes" starts with some wave samples and an acoustic guitar.  The tune develops to a slow motion retro track that spreads a dark and partly depressive vibe. A rhythmic change along the way makes the song to one of the best ones on "Valley of the snake". "The unholy behemoth" is an interesting mid tempo song before the tempo gets a bit faster with "Demons". Both tracks are OK, but can't live up to the first three songs.

The title track "Valley of the snake" has the honor to close the album. It's a silent tune that is based on soulful vocals and an acoustic sound. It builds up to an more energetic track towards the end and is a perfect finale of an interesting release.

Ruby The Hachet from Philadelphia has quite some potential and I think we will hear more from the band in the future. Give it a try.





  1. Heavy blanke
  2. Vast acid
  3. Tomorrow never comes
  4. The unholy behemoth
  5. Demons
  6. Valley of the snake


Label: Tee Pee Records

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

CD review RUBY THE HATCHET "Valley of the snake"
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