(9/10) The name Uli Jon Roth is a synonym for being one of the most influencial guitarists in rock and metal. And his name can't be mentioned without naming the legendary Scorpions as well. Roth was significantly contibuting to the first milestones of the band from Hannover, Germany. The six-stringer was heavily involved in composing milestones like "Virgin killer" and "In trance" - records which have marked the first successes from the Scorpions and build the foundation for their future achievements like "Blackout" and "Love at first sting".

Now, the five-piece from Hannover releases a new album in February (see review), but also Uli Jon Roth has a new double CD package out in the stores. The iconic axeman entered the same theatre hall in Hannover as the band did in the old days for their reheasals.  He took in total 19 old songs and re-recorded those in such a inspiring surrounding. The result is an album that makes some older diamonds of hardrock shine again. 

No surprise that the most of the tunes are taken from "Virgin killer" and "In trance". Highlights like the two title tracks, but also the 11 minutes long "Fly to the rainbow" and "The sails of Charon" with the oriental melody lines sound fresh and modern by still keeping the same spirit as the originals. Roth manages to interprete the songs in a new way by not changing the arrangements. It's still the good old anthems.

What makes the double album exciting as well is the band that Roth put together for this album. Especially singer Nathan James' voice is a highlight on the longplayer. Klaus Meine has a very special way of singing and it's not an easy thing to interpret the songs as being another vocalist. But James does an excellent job by not imitating the Scorpions frontman. He adds hishis own touch to the classics what adds to the new interpretation. And his screams (like in "the sails of Charon") are more than remarkable and Ian Gillan couldn't do it better.

It seems very much like Uli Jon Roth re-discovered his Scorpions-days and the album is a big gift for each metalhead and hardrock fan. And in case you're too young to know the original version of the tunes "Scorpions-revisited" gives you a perfect introduction into the early days of one of Germany's most important metal bands.

The album is a pure pleasure for your ears and we can look forward to 2015 since there is also a live DVD/BluRay planned. 





CD 1

  1. The sails of Charon (Taken by force)
  2. Longing for fire (In trance)
  3. Crying days (Virgin killer)
  4. Virgin killer (Virgin killer)
  5. In trance (In trance)
  6. Sun in my hand (In tance)
  7. Yellow raven (Virgin killer)
  8. Polar nights (Virgin killer)
  9. Dark lady (In trance)

CD 2:

  1. Catch the train (Virgin killer)
  2. Evening wind (In trance)
  3. All night long (Tokyo tapes)
  4. We'll burn the sky (Taken by force)
  5. Pictured life (Virgin killer)
  6. Hell cat (Virgin killer)
  7. Life's like a river (In trance)
  8. Drifting sun (Fly like a rainbow)
  9. Rainbow prelude (Improvisation)
  10. Fly to the rainbow (Fly to the rainbow)


Label: UCR

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review ULI JON ROTH "Scorpions-revisited"
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