Whitesnake returns with a new album called "The purple album". It is the band's first album in four years and as you might assume, it is going back to the Deep Purple days - Mark III and Mark IV.

The album is recorded by the current Whitesnake line-up: David Coverdale, Reb Beach, Joel Hoekstra, Michael Devin and Tommy Aldridge.

Here comes the tracklist:

  1. Burn
  2. You fool no one (Interpolating itchy fingers)
  3. Love child
  4. Sail away
  5. The gypsy
  6. Lady double dealer
  7. Mistreated
  8. Holy man
  9. Might just take your life
  10. You keep on moving
  11. Soldiers of fortune
  12. Lay down stay down
  13. Stormbringer
  14. Lady luck (Bonus)
  15. Comin' home (Bonus)

And here comes the first video - done for "Stormbringer".

New WHITESNAKE album in May!!!
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