(8/10) Deathblow are from Salt Lake City, Utah and releases their new EP called "The other side of darkness" in May. The four-piece published already their debut "Prognosis negative" in 2014, followed now by the new disc.

Deathblow dedicated themselves to oldschool death metal that is wild and furious. The five new tracks are forceful ones that reminds to the beginning days of some older genre dinosaurs. Fast guitars and rough vocals, combined with screams like in "Beyond obsession", are pure pleasure for each thrasher.

Deathblow doesn't even try to sound very complex and complicated. The songs are more a hit right into your face. Mosh parts like in "Means to an end" and the ultra-fast "Headless throne" bring back the glorious times of thrash metal. Also "Death wish" is an uncompromising metal anthem that is excellent food for headbanging.

The same goes for the title track that starts with an immense riff before the pace of the song makes you feel like being in the middle of a twister. 

"The other side of darkness" is a raw and unpolished piece of metal that sounds fresh and authentic. Give it a try. It's worth it.





  1. Beyond obsession
  2. Means to an end
  3. The other side of darkness
  4. Headless throne
  5. Death wish


Label: Self-released

Genre: Thrash Metal

CD review DEATHBLOW "The other side of darkness"
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