(7/10) What's the link between doom monster Candlemass and blues rock? It is six stringer Lars Johansson. The Swedish guitarist has decided to live his passion for blues by realising some ideas he had in mind. The result is called Fat.Mo.Mac - the band and the debut.

And since the axeman couldn't do this album all himself he teamed-up with some Swedish friends and colleagues. Amongst others it was Mats Levén, Klas Gunnerfeld and Tobbe Moen that supported Johansson in realising his dream.

There is also a tragical side connected to Fat.Mo.Mac. It was Roger E. who cranked out three tracks before dying of a heart attack. This situation was a moment to re-think if this album should be finalized. In the end Johansson decided to finish it, also as a kind of heritage for his guitar friend.

Having said all this it's time to pay some attention to the songs. Those, nine in total, are well-crafted blues numbers. Sometimes they are kept on a slow pace like the 5 minutes long "Always like that" and "Memories is all there is". Other moment are more the grooving ones like "Gearshifter" and the quite fast "Cold woman". And with the closer "Get home" you have more the impression that 'home' is in Alabama more than in Sweden.

To sum up. Fat.Mo.Mac released a solid and well-crafted blues rock album with partly infuences from Jimi Hendrix up to Jeff Beck. It is a nice album to listen to, considering the fact that Sweden isn't the mother of blues.





  1. Walk alone
  2. So bad it feels
  3. Broken down
  4. Kickback
  5. Always like that
  6. Cold woman
  7. Memories is all there is
  8. Gearshifter
  9. Get home


Label: Red Tomb Records

Genre: Blues Rock

CD review FAT.MO.MAC "Fat. Mo.Mac"
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