(8/10) If I counted right "Escape from the shadow garden - live 2014" is Magnum's ninth live album - and it's another good one the add to their discography.

The first song I heard from the British melodic hardrock band was "Les Morts dasant" from the 1985 album "On a storytellers night" it was at that time, when there was no Facebook and YouTube, the Swiss radio station DRS 3 that had a rock and metal show, broadcasted every Wednesday night from 22-24. And those guys played Magnum. From this moment on I was caught in the "Magnumania". 

What I highly appreciate is the fact that the guys created an own sound that you can identify immediately. Second of all the five piece never disappointed over all those years and delivered excellent records. 17 studio albums show a great variety of British hardrock songs - all with Magnum's trademarks.

The new live album is a twelve song long capture of their latest tour. Recorded in various locations the setlist contains songs from the last record like the opener "Live 'till you die". And there are the band's highlights that can't be missed during a Magnum gig. It's the mentioned "Les morts dasant", but also timeless pearls like "How far Jerusalem" and the catchy "Vigilante" have been played and pressed on the album. In total there are twelve song that reflect seven Magnum longplayers. A good choice.

The live album also shows how much Magnum could keep the quality in their songs. It doesn't matter if they play old stuff like "All Englang eyes" or newer tunes; they all fit together and you have a hard time to identify different periods of the band. This is what I call timeless.

As you could read so far, I like the live album, that also got a good, but authentic sound. It feels real. And also this is something I like with Bob Catley, Tony Clarkin and band mates. They stay authentic - from day one up till now.

It's great to have this kind of bands that accompany you many years. "Escape from the shadow garden - live 2014" is an album that will be loved by fans of the band and will give new fans a good overview about the disography of a great band. Thumbs up.





  1. Live till you die
  2. Black skies
  3. Freedom day
  4. Dance of the black tattoo
  5. Blood red laughter
  6. Unwritten sacrifice
  7. How far Jerusalem
  8. Les morts dasant
  9. Falling from the big plan
  10. All England's eyes
  11. Vigilante
  12. Kingdom of madness


Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Genre: Melodic Hardrock


CD review MAGNUM "Escape from the shadow garden - live 2014"
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