(7/10) Ruthless from Los Angeles, California is one of those bands that jumped from 80's right into the new century. The five-piece released their debut "Discipline of steel" in 1986 which got quite some attention in the underground at that time. But Ruthless never achieved more than a certain status at the metal base. The guys worked on their second album that should have been published in 1989. But they disbanded before the release happened and the name slowly faded away.

It was in 2008 when the two founding members Ken McGee (g) and Sammy DeJohn reactivated the power metal band. Together with Jason VanSlyke (d), Dave Watson (g) and Marc McGee (b) they went into the studio again to work on a new record - their second. The name of the disc - "They rise". 

I would almost go that far to say that this title can be seen as the motto for the five guys. Indeed, they rise. The metallic meal they serve on the new longplayer is really good stuff that will allay the fans hunger for pure metal.

First of all you get 14 songs served on the CD. Nine of them are new ones while Ruthless also decided to add their 1984 debut EP "Metal without mercy" as an extra to the new longplayer.

The new tunes are pretty good. There are real US metal pearls on "They rise". One of them is the five minutes long title track itself. The number is build on a heavy riff and a menacing bassline that goes through the entire track. Bu the real highlight is the dynamic vocal performance of DeJohn that adds a lot to the song. The chorus is just awesome. 

Another song being worth to be mentioned is the opener "Defender"; a straight-forward power metal anthem. Raw power meets pure metal. This goes as well for the fast "Hang man" with its mercyless beat and the melodic chorus. Really cool.

The sound of the second Ruthless album is OK. I would say, basic, authentic and oldschool. Sometimes I had the feeling that it became a bit fuzzy, but this doesn't effect the positive impression of the longplayer.

Ruthless proves that US metal is still alive and looking on some releases in the last months maybe we have even has a kind of comeback. Welcome back guys.





  1. Defender
  2. Laceration
  3. They rise
  4. Circle of trust
  5. Hang man
  6. Time waits
  7. Out of the ashes
  8. Frustration
  9. Systematic terror
  10. Gates of hell
  11. Metal without mercy
  12. Bury the axe
  13. The fever
  14. Mass killer


Label: Pure Steel Records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review RUTHLESS "They rise"
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