(8/10) If you love Obituary you need to check Weak Aside. The four guys from Germany are not weak at all. Actually their album is quite strong. Ten death metal anthems are included on the newest release called “The next offensive” which is the predecessor to the bands debut called “Ghostleader” from 2010.

The start into the album couldn’t be much better. The title track, “Gods of pain” and “Siren” are an opening death metal overture that leaves no open wishes. “The next offensive” is a raw piece of metal with raging guitars while “Gods of pain” has a growl in the beginning that gives you the shivers. “Siren” comes with create leads, harsh vocals and is full of tempo breaks.

It seems that next to Obituary also Bolt Thrower are sources of inspiration for the four-piece band from Emden, Germany. This is coming back partly in the music but also in the lyrics that thematise war and everything connected to it.

Weak Aside didn’t produce this album for making compromises. This longplayer is spot on what gets proven by anthems like “Rapture and disease” as well as by the five minutes long closing tune “Bloodstorm” that is introduced by the almost innocent “The tank” – silence before hell breaks loose.

Weak Aside is another great release of FDA Rekotz; a label that obviously has a faible for good German death metal bands. Oldschool death metal is probably more alive than ever - and this is no contradiction.





  1. The next offensive
  2. Gods of pain
  3. Siren
  4. Alive
  5. Storm of violence
  6. Broken frontline
  7. Death waits
  8. Rapture and disease
  9. Spawn of hate
  10. The tank (Intro)
  11. Bloodstorm


Label: FDA Rekotz

Genre: Death Metal

CD review WEAK ASIDE "The next offensive"
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