(8/10) The story of Entrails is an interesting one. The band isn't new at all. The Sewdish death metal group was active already in the earlier wave of death metal. Formed in 1990 the guys have had their first releases in a time when Dismember and Entombed started to become more popular and Swedish death metal became an important factor in metal.

But Entrails never made it really into the spot light and it was in 1998 when they went into a longer period of hibernation.

Leap in time - 2008. Jimmy Lundqvist found some old Entrails recordings and decided that those have to be newly recorded and released. First as demos, than on an album called "Tales from the morgue".

This was a kind of wake-up call that arouse them from sleep. Entrails was back. "Obliteration" is their newest strike. Ten fresh death metal anthems provide you with real headbanging stuff.

Entrails don't reinvent this kind of music, but their songs are well-crafted and more than solid. Entrails sticked to the oldschool pattern they have been grown up with and combine it with new modern production techniques. 

Tunes like the slower "Obliterate", the hypnotic "Epitome of death" and the faster "Abyss of corpse" are real winners and hit bulls eye. "Bonestorm" is a highlight on the album too. What I like most with this number is the chorus with a mean 'bonestrom'-repetition.

Also the sound of "Obliteration" is pure enjoyment. Mastermind Dan Sawnö mixed and mastered the album that became another highlight in Entrail's discography. 

Nowadays there is no ways round Entrails - if you're interested in this kind of music. Hej då.





  1. No cross left unturend
  2. Epitome of death
  3. Beyong flesh
  4. The grotesque
  5. Obliterate
  6. Skulls
  7. Midnight coffin
  8. Bonestorm
  9. Abyss of corpses
  10. Re-animation of the dead


Label: Metal Blade

Genre: Death Metal

CD review ENTRAILS "Obliteration"
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