(8/10) It's the spring of Iron Savior. At least looking on the amount of releases within a few months could give you this impresssion. Next to the first live album of the band ("Live at the final frontier") the guys from Hamburg also re-released their "Megatropolis" longplayer under the banner of "Megatroplois 2.0". The original version was released in 2007 and eight year later Piet Sielck had the wish of re-releasing the power metal classic since he wasn't satisfied with the original album. Secondly "Metropolis" wasn't officially available anymore.

The longplayer is remixed and remastered; some of the tunes are also re-recorded. There arent' that much differences between the original version and the 2.0 release, even though I have to say that I personally prefer the sound of the reworked album a bit more. It's a more diverse one than the "1.0". 

The songs are, doubtless, really good ones, which isn't a surprise for each metal fan that knows Iron Savior. German metal somewhere between bombastic power metal ("Cybernatic queen 2.0"), heavy pounding tunes ("Still I believe 2.0") and faster Judas Priest influenced ones like "Megatropolis 2.0" is what you get.

With "Hammerdown" and "Iron watcher" the re-release has two bonus song, both with all the typical trademarks on board. Mighty riffs, crunchy guitars and a forcefull rhythm section are the main characteristics of those numbers that fit perfectly into the overall context. A nice add-on.

All in all, a good metal album from one of the Germanys leading power metal bands that became even a bit better with '2.0'. If this, including the two bonus songs, is enough for speniding your money for is up to you.  





  1. The omega man 2.0
  2. Megatropolis 2.0
  3. Flesh 2.0
  4. Cybernatic queen 2.0
  5. Running riot 2.0
  6. A tale from down below 2.0
  7. Cyber hero 2.0
  8. Still I believe 2.0
  9. Hammerdown 2.0
  10. Farewell and goodbye 2.0
  11. Iron watcher 2.0


Label: AFM records

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review IRON SAVIOR "Megatropolis 2.0"
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