(7/10) It was in 1991 when guitarist Thomas Youngblood and drummer Richard Warner founded Kamelot. Quite regularly the band releases new albums and the newest kid in town is ready to enter the record shops. "Haven" is the name of the album that has 13 songs. It is the second album with singer Tommy Karevik that joined in 2012 - following the band long time vocalist Roy Khan. But, as on "Silverthorn", Karevik does an excellent job on the new album too. He found his spot in the band.

"Haven" has again all the trademarks of the band. The songs are bombastic and they all have this cineastic expression. Kamelot tells stories by utilizing music. That is what we know from the band and that is what we also expect from them. This time things aren't abstact. Youngblood and bandmates reflect on the current state of civilization. Again things are expressed very emotional and the tunes switch between dark/melancholic and a more positive outlook. Simply the real life.

The darker expression in tunes like "Citizen zero" works best for me. The same goes for the furious "Liar liar (Wasteland monarchy)". But also the heavy "Revolution" belongs to the winner tracks on "Haven". Interesting also the fact that the title song is an instrumental, placed at the end. It is more like a longer outro that feels like the calmness after the storm and the 'revolution'. It is unusual, but it works and it makes sense. It feels like the instrumental is the last destination on an intensive and epical journey. You reached 'haven'.

Next to all mentioned "Haven" shows again the consistancy of Kamelot. They write good songs, full of emotions. But I also can hear a certain stagnation when it comes to the music. Doubtless, this standstill is on a pretty high level, but I miss the surprising moments on "Haven". There could be more of those 'wow' moments.

What is for sure a plus on "Haven" is the excellent production. Sascha Paeth gave Kamelot a powerful and dense sound that supports the symphonic approach of the music very well. Another interesting side note is that the band from Tampa also invited guest for recording "Haven". It is Arch Enemy's Alissa White-Gluz, Charlotte Wessels from Delain and Troy Donockley (Nightwish) who supported with parts on the longplayer.

Again, "Haven" is a good album. It will be loved by fans of the band but it also could carry a few more surprising moments. This would spice up things even more and would make a good longplayer to an outstanding one.





  1. Fallen star
  2. Insomnia
  3. Citizen zero
  4. Veil of elysium
  5. Under grey skies
  6. My therapy
  7. Ecclesia
  8. End of innosence
  9. Beautiful apocalypse
  10. Liar liar (Wsteland monarchy)
  11. Here's to the fall
  12. Revolution
  13. Haven


Label: Napalm Records

Genre: Symphonic Metal

CD review KAMELOT "Haven"
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