(6/10) When I got this album I was thinking: why? I didn't know Matt Skiba and I also haven't heard his debut from 2012, called "Babylon". The reason why I was doubting was the cover. The artwork gave me the impression of electro-pop. Kraftwerk and Klaus Nomi came to my mind when I saw "Kuts". Wrong. The sound of Matt Skiba and The Sekrets has nothing to do with the mentioned guys. The music is rock with nice melodies that are easy approachable for a bigger audience.

After having diguisted the cover there is a second thing that stands out. It seems that Matt Skiba doesn't like the 'c'. Each 'c' is relplace by a 'k'. Looks funny, but why not making the language easier.

Now about the music. As said earlier we are talking about rock music. The opener "Lonely and kold" is a mix of Big Country with a bit of the commercialist U2. It's an OK song but not rocket science. 

"She wolf" is a bit better and has a polish indie touch from the eighties. One of the best tracks is the Billy Idol-like "She said" with a few element from "Dancing with myself".

Unfortunately there are also the very trivial moments like "Way bakk when" and "Never believe". Those songs aren't touching at all. The same goes for the closer "Vienna". 

What is another downer is the short running time. 32 minutes is more a kind of EP than a longplayer. 

It's an album that comes with some nice melodies but it misses identy and soul.  





  1. Lonely and kold
  2. She wolf
  3. Krazy
  4. She said
  5. I just killed the say I love you
  6. Way bakk when
  7. Krashing
  8. Hemophiliak
  9. Never believe
  10. Vienna


Label: Superball Music

Genre: Rock

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