(8/10) It was almost impossible to loose the overview about the releases of Mendes Prey. The band from Yorkshire, UK had two 7"s during the 80's and they also have been part of two compilation albums" - "Parkside steelworks" and "Heavy metal heroes 2".

It was in 1986 when the band disbanded and they disappered from the scene. So far so good/bad. It was No Remorse, the Greek label, that, a while ago, started to dig a bit deeper into the tapes of Mendes Prey. The result is an anthology that includes the 7", plus the sampler contributions plus so far unreleased material of the NWoBHM band.

"The never ending road" is the name of the record that has in total 15 songs. The songs of Mendes Prey is pretty cool. If you want to know how they sound I would say that you have to imagine a mix of Thin Lizzy, UFO and the earlier Scorpions. "The never ending road" got a very good sound, considering that the songs are 30 years old. An exception are the two live recordings in the end. They sound very basic, but also authentic. That's what was possible for a more unknown band in those analog days.

The longplayer is a superb journey back in time. No Remorse brings a band back into the light that has been in the dark over the last three decades.

For fans of the mentioned bands this album will be a pure pleasure. But also for metalheads who want to discover some more bands from the early metal days "The never ending road" is an album to go for.





  1. Running for you
  2. What the hell's going on
  3. On to the borderline
  4. Cry for the world
  5. Lone survivor
  6. Take me crioss the water
  7. Drifting
  8. Don't shine
  9. Losing man
  10. I beg for mercy
  11. Can you believe it
  12. Listen
  13. Breaking my heart
  14. Drifting (Live)
  15. Flight to Moscow (Live)


Label: No Remorse

Genre: Heavy Metal

CD review MENDES PREY "The never ending road"
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