(6/10) Hair metal was already heading south when two guys entered the scene in the 90's. Guys with long blond hair on the cover of the debut "After the rain" that entered the charts immediately. The single "(Can't live without your) Love and affection" went directly into the charts too and become a number one hit. This is how the musical story of Matthew and Gunnar Nelson, twins from the US, started.

25 years later Nelson is still around, even though they never could get close to the early success anymore. The two guys look still like being out of a high gloss magazin even though the hair got shorter over time. 

The thing I admire is the willpower of the two brothers. As said, they had their biggest success with the debut. But a strong will kept them going on, even after they lost the deal with Geffen Records.

"Peace out" is the new album of the brothers which comes via Frontiers. The first thing that catches your eye is the cover. But since music is more important and less the visuals we need to pay attention to the song of "Peace out".

I would say "Peace on" became a typical Nelson release. The two brothers focus on melodic rock songs. That is what you expect from the band and this is what you get. Big melodies meet a catchiness that are made for a bigger audience. The tunes are again produced in an excellent way and I think it is even too good since the album sounds almost too polished. I would have appreciated a few more edges in their sound since the disc is in my point of view a bit too much 'dressed for success'. 

Besides that the album is a very solid one. The two songs that stick out their head a bit more than the others are the grooving "Rockstar" and hard "You and me". Both numbers bring the guitars a bit more to the forefront which gives the music immediately a new expression. It would be awesome if Nelson could create this vibe in more of the new songs. Those numbers are belonging to the highlights while there are also quite some tunes that didn't really made a dent. Trivial mainstream rockers like "Back in the day", "Invincible" and the Bon Jovi-like "What's not to love" are more a kind of toothless tiger.  

If you like music from e.g. Bon Jovi you can't do anything wrong by going for this longplayer and fans of the band will be pleased with the new release anyhow. The rest needs to decide if a few good rock songs are enough reason for an investment. 





  1. Hello everybody
  2. Back in the day
  3. Invincible
  4. Let it ride
  5. I wanna stay home
  6. On the bright side
  7. Rockstar
  8. Autograph
  9. What's not to love
  10. You and me
  11. Bad for you
  12. Leave the light on for me


Label: Frontiers

Genre: Rock






CD review NELSON "Peace out"
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