(8/10) If you are releasing records since 19 years you can't play bad music. Perzonal War are around already since such a ling time. Sailing under the flag of Perzonal War in the beginning the band published the first demo back in 1996. since then the band releases regularly new records. The last one was "Captive bleeding" from 2012 that was also the first one via Metalville.

Perzonal War's thrash metal has been inspired by the mighty Metallica and discs like "Different but the same" and "Faces" also reflected those cross-references very much. Even on the new longplayer you can hear those influences back. But compared to the newer Metallica Perzonal War still plays thrash metal the is uncompromising. This doesn't mean that Perzonal War sounds oldschool. They added enough modern elements to their sound to make it exciting instead of sounding old fashion.

An example is the slower "Never look back" with the silent verse, the forceful chorus and an almost doom riff. Very well done. Just 'ohohoh' part feels a bit misplaced.

The opener "Salvation" shows the power metal side of Perzonal War. It's a heavy tune that combined hardness with a quite catchy expression. 

Doubtless that there are the thrash assaults too.  "Metalizer" is one of those as well as the hammering "Speed if time" with a heavy groove and a dominant bassline. Also "The last sunset" and "Times of hate" doesn't take any prisoners.

Perzonal War's "The last sunset should get a run on your record player. It's modern thrash metal album from a band that never denied their roots while continuously develop further. 





  1. Salvation 
  2. Speed of time 
  3. 30 years 
  4. Never look back 
  5. Metalizer 
  6. When faith has gone forever 
  7. What would you say 
  8. The last sunset 
  9. Times of hate 
  10. I see nothing 


Label: Metalville 

Genre: Thrash Metal 



CD review PERZONAL WAR "The last sunset"
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