(7/10) Seigmen comes from Norway and plays alternative rock. The five-piece band has already quite some longplayers on the credit side - in total seven. But it took the band 18 years to come with a new studio record. The band had their peak in the 90's before Zeromancer, another band some Seigmen guys have been involved in, asked for more attention in the beginning of the new century.

For quite some years Seigmen was put on hold before the five Norwegians played a few shows in 2012. This was the beginning of "Enola". More songs have been written and a new album became more real as time went on.

The special thing with "Enola" is, that the recording took place in two slots. The first one was already in 2012 while the second intervall happened in 2014. This is quite unusual, even though you can't hear this fact while listening to the album.

As you can see in the tracklist the songs are kept in Norwegian. Therefore I can't tell you a lot about the lyrics.

I can tell you though more about the music. The base is melancholic alternative rock that sometimes bursts and becomes very rocking. Examples here fore are the opener but also "Deus" and "Utopia i mine armer" belong to the harder side of the album. 

Than there are the more silent songs. The sad "Til verdens ende" is one of them and the quiet "Tenn alle lys" is another one. Here and there I had the feeling that also Tool has been a source of inspiration for Seigmen. "Trøst" rose this thought in my mind.

To sum up: "Enola" is a very entertaining album from the five Norwgians. It is intense and well crafted. The production is done very well and the sound of the "Enola" is excellent. For me personally there is a bit too much melancholy in the different songs, but for the rest I would say you can't do something wrong by checking this album.





  1. Hva vi elskar
  2. Trøst
  3. Foregiv og alltid
  4. Utopia i mine armer
  5. Til verdens ende
  6. Tenn alle lys
  7. Deus
  8. Monokrom
  9. I mit hus
  10. Hvit stjørne støy


Label: Indie Recordings

Genre: Alternative Rock

CD review SEIGMEN "Enola"
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